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You only need five ingredients for this decadent, delicious chocolate dessert – a childhood favorite of most French people.

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The mandarin originated in China. Its name comes from the ancient officials of that country, the Mandarins. It is not known whether the name was given because they were fond of the fruit or because they wore orange robes. The word mandarine appeared in the French language in 1773. 

The clementine comes from Algeria, from the cross between a mandarin and a Seville (bitter) orange. Its name comes from that of Marie-Clément Rodier, known as Frère Clément, who lived and worked at the turn of the 20th century. It is not clear if he was also an agriculturist and a talented botanist, and that he was behind this cross, or whether it was spontaneous, which is quite possible, and that he merely picked the fruit to which his name was given.

Tangerines owe their name to the port of Tangier in Morocco, from where mandarins were shipped. 

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