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Did you know that the French eat onion soup after a night of partying to prevent a hangover? Much tastier than the hair of the dog…

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Forget about regular fries – these sweet potato fries have a hint of spice and tons of sweet flavor.

This asian specialty called baozi (or bao) is a treasure of different flavors. The tenderness of the meat and the smoothness of the dough makes this recipe one of our favorites!


Already thinking about Christmas ? Stressed about Christmas Eve ? Here is a new recipe to train yourself! An easy chocolate yule log!

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The name sweet chestnut is given to the cultivated varieties of chestnut whose fruit consists of a single large kernel. This large chestnut should not be confused with the inedible horse chestnut, which has an outer capsule, known as a burr, covered in large spikes. The main chestnut producing regions in France are Rhône-Alpes, Aquitaine and Languedoc-Roussillon. Chestnuts from Ardèche, a name encompassing 65 traditional varieties, have had PDO status since 2006.

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