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Coq au vin is a traditional French stew made with chicken and red wine. For even more flavor, make a homemade brown chicken stock.

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This is one of my first recipes, and it’s also one that has become a keystone of my house. Though I like oysters, I’ve always felt uncomfortable in front of a platter–and this discomfort was with the water! Delicious but impossible to capture: It runs, it squirts, it splashes, it escapes. And then one day, the idea I’d been looking for came to me: I would give the water a consistency! And so I made the water solid–by turning it into a jelly. Oysters Swimming in Ice was born.


Ah, caramel! I’m currently obsessed with caramel, and this rich and indulgent tart is the proof. With an extra-creamy caramel and mascarpone filling, coated with a thin layer of caramel chocolate glaze, and embellished with a mass of nuts floating on the surface, every mouthful is a treat.

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The pomelo was discovered in Jamaica in around 1800 by the Dutch. Its name came from the Dutch pomplemoes, which means "large lemon". This fruit was inedible but, even though vitamin C had not been discovered at the time, it was thought to be of medicinal importance.

The Dutch West India Company transported shrubs to the Caribbean at the end of the 17th century and replanted them there.

And it was there, in Barbados, that the pollen of a young pomelo tree mixed with the pollen of an orange tree and gave birth to a new kind of tree, which was later named the grapefruit.

The seeds of this grapefruit were sown in Florida in the early 19th century by a Spanish emigrant, who was from the island where this grapefruit was born. This resulted in the immense orchards in Florida, which is the world's leading producer of grapefruit.

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