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Did you know that the word éclair comes from the French for lightening? With rich choux pastry, chocolate cream filling and a cocoa glaze, it’s not hard to see why – you’ll be downing these delicious pastries in a flash.

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“Just like beets, carrots arouse my curiosity and interest, and they offer a challenge to find matching flavors. So simple and so pretty, they also have great potential for presentation."

"My chance meeting with Franck Cerutti, a passionate Mediterranean chef, was one of the most valuable. Franck had just returned from Florence, overflowing with the flavors of Italy, when he became my second in command at the Louis XV. The development of this risotto is largely his work."


These croquettes are soft and slightly crispy with a runny center. You'll have to eat them whole, crushing them between the tongue and the palate, to experience the unbelievable sensation of a taste explosion. Simply irresistible.

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The winter squash is one of the countless members of the gourd family, and is often mistaken for its close relative, the pumpkin. The pumpkin is very rounded, always orange, and has a hard, fibrous stem and rather stringy flesh. The winter squash is somewhat flatter, with a soft stem and softer, sweeter flesh with fewer strings. It is often orange tending toward red, but also dark green, depending on the variety.

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