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Even the French cook this famous quiche the wrong way. Why? Because while cheese is common in versions of this recipe, it’s technically not allowed in a true Quiche Lorraine. What a delicious mistake to make!

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Watermelon almost certainly comes from Central Africa, where it continues to grow in the wild.

It has grown in all warm countries since the dawn of time, as its thick rind allows it to grow without requiring too much water. It was (and still is) consumed as a way to quench thirst when water was scarce or polluted.

The Egyptians routinely offered it to their visitors. Greeks and Romans preferred it to the melon. It is not widely grown in Europe, except in Spain.

Watermelon arrived in America with the Spanish conquest, but also with black slaves. It was quickly adopted by Native Americans and has been growing in gardens since the 16th century.

In Africa, they eat its seeds, which are rich in carbohydrates and proteins. They are eaten in India too, where they are also used to make flour and bread. In Asia, they are grilled or roasted, then salted and eaten.

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