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The most traditional tagines are made with lamb, chicken, goat, and vegetables, and the delicate and tangy flavors that the region is known for are expressed in this quintessential Berber dish. See Daniel Boulud's step-by-step cooking recipe to learn to make this regional classic.


This paleron carbonnade, a classic Belgian preparation, was introduced to our menus by an authentic Belgian—our corporate chef Fabrizio Salerni. Paleron, known in America as flat-iron steak, is a very good cut to braise and will serve a large group of people.

This dish is about the rustic, classic cuisine du Nord, which we celebrate at Bar Boulud, our wine bar and bistro where we love to serve old-fashioned hearty dishes. The complexity comes from the Chimay beer—a dark Trappist beer with tones of molasses— we use and also from the sweet, spiced gingerbread which acts as a liaison between the sauce and the meat, bringing depth and wonderful unctuosity. The slight bitterness of the Belgian endive, or witloof, cuts through the richness of the sauce and the glazed root vegetables become like treasures in the dish, adding new layers and textures.


Ah, caramel! I’m currently obsessed with caramel, and this rich and indulgent tart is the proof. With an extra-creamy caramel and mascarpone filling, coated with a thin layer of caramel chocolate glaze, and embellished with a mass of nuts floating on the surface, every mouthful is a treat.

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The beet is descended from the sea beet, from which Swiss chard also comes. It gradually evolved and became the beet-root as we know it, probably around the start of the human era.

Its root, sought after for its sweet flavor, was already being eaten in antiquity.

It made its appearance in the peasant diet in France, Germany, and Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages.

During the Renaissance, several botanists described different types of beets with red and yellow flesh. Olivier de Serre pointed to its important sugar content at the time. In time, different species were crossed in order to achieve the three main types of present-day beets: sugar beets, mangel-wurzel (used as animal fodder), and garden beets for human consumption.

Improved varieties were developed in the middle of the 19th century. However, beets have always been subject to certain scorn, probably because they were also used to feed animals.

They probably crossed the Atlantic with Jacques Cartier, who never went without grains or seeds on his voyages. A number of different varieties were later developed in North America.

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Baba Flowers by @cedricgroletopera - is it Spring yet? 🌸 
#baba #pastry #flower #dessert #chef #foodlovers #cakes #allmychefs
Roses are forever 🌹  A beautiful pastry made by @jeffrey__tan ⁠
#rose #pastry #art #cake #dessert #rosesarered #beauty #bakery #bakingclass #love #allmychefs
Pistachio Cake by @nicolaspaciello 😱  Who wants a piece?⁠
📸 Line Brusegan⁠
#cake #recipe #pistachio #dessert #cakes #foodlovers #paris #france #chef #foodaddicts #sweettooth #allmychefs
@gregorymarchand has his way to surprise us:⁠
Salsify Tagliatelles/Smoked Egg Yolk/Keen's Cheddar/Salsify Crumble/Black Truffle/Vin Jaune Sauce⁠
We are already drooling 😋⁠
#salsify #veggies #truffle #recipe #french #chef #egg #recipeoftheday #frenchie #france #yummy #foodlovers #allmychefs
Red mullet with potatoes scales by the gigantic @paulbocuse_officiel 😍⁠
📸Valéry Guedes ⁠
#fish #recipe #paulbocuse #france #gastronomy #food #french #yummy #potatoes #recipeoftheday #foodlovers #foodaddicts #allmychefs

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