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Simple is best: this technique will ensure that your green beans are crisp and full of flavor.

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For this croque monsieur, smoked salmon is used instead of ham, and it is seasoned with lemon zest and chives. The cheese is Gruyère and the bread is buttered and grilled in a pan, though it could be pressed in a traditional croque monsieur mold and held over the flame the way my grandmother did.

"My chance meeting with Franck Cerutti, a passionate Mediterranean chef, was one of the most valuable. Franck had just returned from Florence, overflowing with the flavors of Italy, when he became my second in command at the Louis XV. The development of this risotto is largely his work."


These croquettes are soft and slightly crispy with a runny center. You'll have to eat them whole, crushing them between the tongue and the palate, to experience the unbelievable sensation of a taste explosion. Simply irresistible.

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This small nut with a dark brown shell is the fruit of the hazel tree. Like the almond and walnut, the hazelnut are classified as an oleaginous fruit because of its high oil content. Beside being eaten whole or chopped, salted or plain, hazelnuts produce a very fragrant oil.

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