Arnaud Lallement

Arnaud Lallement


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A first Michelin star at 26, a second at 30, his 5th Gault Millau toque in 2013, and the following year, the title of Cook of the Year. Today, Arnaud Lallement has also earned his 3rd Michelin star and hasn't ceased to climb the ranks of France's culinary A list. His progression is stupefying, and he [...] deserves it: this big-hearted epicurian loves to make people happy!

The Lallement family is made up of Arnaud, the virtuoso chef and motor that breathes his energy into his team, the builder and the decision-maker, but also of Magali, Arnaud's wife, who wears a huge smile as she goes from table to table, ensuring the enjoyment of all the guests, as well as Mélanie, his sister, who is just as demanding as her brother and works hard to bring the same level of excellence to her five-star hotel. Finally, there's Colette, his mother and the soul and memory of the establishment.

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