Jean-François Piège
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Jean-François Piège


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Jean-François Piège hails from Valence, in the Drôme region of France. As a chef, he finds his strength in the love he shares with his family for ingredients from the earth. He discovered his love of cooking very young, and, coupled with a desire to reveal the true nature of ingredients, Piège's desire [...] to create unique flavors allowed him to forge his path. He places the ingredient at the heart of his cuisine, an ingredient cultivated and chosen with care. Each ingredient is approached with precision and attention to detail and to technique. \"To me, this is the job of a cook,\" he says. \"To choose the best and most beautiful ingredients and to cook and season them in order to bring out the best they have to offer.

Jean-François Piège saw his love of ingredients and of culinary technique encouraged by the demands of great chefs like Bruno Cirino, Christian Constant and Alain Ducasse. In 2007, while he was at the helm of the \"Les Ambassadeurs\" rstaurant at the Crillon Hotel in Paris, he redefined the codes of a luxury hotel by including more homestyle details in his dishes, a daring that was rewarded by Gault Millau, who named him \"Cook of the Year.\"

The curious, passionate chef succeeded in 2009 at breaking with a more traditional path, opting instead for a more ambitious and captivating project: the creation of Thoumieux. Jean-François Piège left the glamour of traditional luxury dining to create this mythical culinary legacy, his own gastronomic universe offered to the world via his own perspective: always placing emotion at the heart of everything he proposed.

\"In keeping emotion as a common factor, I have associated myself with creative people to develop a unique universe within which I can imagine, create and serve my cuisine.\"

One year after Brasserie Thoumieux opened on the ground floor of the building in the 7th, Jean-François Piège welcomed his first clients to his eponymous restaurant upstairs. After just a few months, this venture earned him two Michelin stars. In 2011, the group added the Thoumieux Hotel's 15 rooms to the ensemble, in the spirit of a country home in the city.

Well known to the French public after appearances as a jury member on special editions of the television show \"Un Diner Presque Parfait,\" Jean-François Piège became, in 2010, one of the jury members of the French version of Top Chef. In September 2011, Jean-François Piège's peers elected him \"Chef of the Year\" in the industry journal \"Le Chef.\" The chef has shared his love of cooking via the publication of six cookbooks including Côté Crillon, Côté Maison. In 2013 his Manifeste, L'art de manger (Manifest: The Art of Cooking) was released. This book of reflective texts on the art of cuisine became available in the same year as his most recent gourmet cookbook, Jean-François Piège, in which he revealed the enormity of his talent via the gourmet creations that grace the tables of his restaurant every day.

In 2013, the Thoumiux universe got even bigger, welcoming the Gâteaux Thoumieux pastry shop, just up rue Saint-Dominique, a few steps from the hotel and restaurants.

In December 2014, the chef and his wife Elodie opened Clover, their first shared restaurant, in Saint Germain des Près. The couple decided to create this restaurant as an intimate space, where the restaurant dining room and kitchen are blended. The Chef thus welcomes guests to the restaurant as though they were guests in his home.

\"My cuisine goes beyond the plate,\" says Piège. \"I conceive of the moment of the meal as a real experience that can be lived through all of the senses and has only one goal, feeding the pleasure of memory\".