Peter Goossens
Credit: DR - Henk van Cauwenbergh

Peter Goossens


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In the kitchen run by Chef Peter Goossens (06/04/64), passion, creativity and unique aromas are combined to achieve an impeccable result. As a young, talented chef, he took his first steps in the gastronomic world by working at renowned establishments such as Pré Catelan, Pavillon Elysée and Ecole Lenôtre [...] in Paris and Paul Blanc in Thoissey. Peter Goossens inherited his love of traditional craftsmanship from these culinary masters.

In 1992, he opened the doors of the gastronomic restaurant ‘Hof van Cleve’ in an idyllic old farmhouse in the hills of Kruishoutem. In the early 2000s, his wife Lieve Fermans joined the business, marking the start of a culinary adventure that has since evolved in a continuously upward direction. After all, Peter Goossens and his team were awarded their first Michelin star in 1994. A second star followed soon after in 1998. And, since 2005, Hof van Cleve has been a steadfast part of the select club of three-star restaurants. The score of 19.5/20 in Gault&Millau, a rating that Hof van Cleve has managed to maintain continuously since 2004, confirms its reputation as a world-class restaurant.

Peter Goossens loves to create a cuisine that surpasses all expectations. His terroir cuisine is one of pure enjoyment. The finesse of the chef’s creations in the kitchen has not gone unnoticed internationally. In 2016, Hof van Cleve was proclaimed the Best Restaurant in the World by the famous website. Andy Hayler, the renowned critic who has eaten at every Michelin-star restaurant in the world, also praises Peter Goossens and his team, while The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, also known as the Oscars for leading chefs, once again ranked Hof van Cleve in 2017 among the top 50, with a delightful tribute in which the chef is referred to as the godfather of Belgian cuisine. This is the ultimate proof that Hof van Cleve can rightfully be ranked among the elite of the culinary world. Thanks to Peter Goossens’ unique individuality and high level of craftsmanship.