Stéphanie Le Quellec
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Stéphanie Le Quellec


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Considered to be one of the most promising figures of French cuisine, Stéphanie le Quellec grew up in a family that always considered love of good food to be an essential value. As a young woman, she forged her personality and style at the side of two Meilleurs Ouvriers de France: Philippe Legendre [...] (George V) followed by Philippe Jourdin (Terre Blanche). These learning experiences were firmly ensconced in pure tradition, something that still characterizes her cuisine, which is full of character and fed by passion, hard work, discipline and generosity. Hers is a nuanced cuisine, oscillating between fire and grace. Inspired by the flavorful simplicity of the cuisine of her native south, Stéphanie Le Quellec removes artifice from gastronomy. At the Prince of Wales, La Scène, the gourmet restaurant, Les Heures, her bar, and her famous Patio, her teams deliver a culinary experience centered on the generosity and the quality of exceptional products. For the Prince of Wales, she composes dishes with a measured simplicity that are both meticulous and sophisticated. \"I like to get straight to the point. I want my cuisine to be comprehensible. To make sure that my compositions make sense, I work with short, effective, seasonal and playful menus.\" Stéphanie le Quellec is the incarnation of the renewal of cuisine in this luxury establishment, still celebrated for its discretion and elegance.

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