When choosing a santoku, be sure to look for a traditional Japanese-made knife to guarantee perfect cutting. Japanese-style santoku knives are increasingly found that imitate only the design, but not the knife’s special qualities...

To remove the skin from certain fruits, nuts, or vegetables like tomatoes, almonds, walnuts or peaches by boiling and shocking.

To remove the intestine found running the length of a crayfish, langoustine, or shrimp (prawn) by slicing along the back with a knife.

To seal a pan, couscoussier, etc. with a dough made from flour and water. This prevents the steam from escaping, keeping in moisture. This technique can also be performed using puff pastry.

One of the most essential techniques in cooking is chopping ingredients. Tomatoes can be diced to make a sauce; spices are crushed to better release their aromas; and fish scraps and bones are chopped up to make a stock. Watch our video.

The use of thyme dates back over 10,000 years. It was frequently used to embalm the dead, as demonstrated by the Egyptians, and to purify the air, thanks to its anti-bacterial properties, likely discovered through trial and error. It was also burned in honor of the Gods.

Buying a siphon, also known as a cream whipper, and gas chargers doesn’t come cheap, but it will make a difference to your dishes. It creates a highly aerated texture that can’t be found in any other preparation...