A very fine sheet of caramelized puff pastry made by rolling out the pastry with a generous amount of confectioners’ (icing) sugar.

To beat a preparation with the simultaneous addition of oil, such as for a mayonnaise.

Separation of fat molecules from the rest of a preparation. To homogenize the preparation, whisk vigorously.

To process a preparation in an ice cream maker in order for it to set.

Drizzle a preparation with an alcoholic beverage, then light it. This procedure is typically performed before making a sauce.

To macerate an aromatic ingredient in a hot liquid in a closed pan in order to aromatize.

Like goose fat, duck fat has proven to be a wonderful substitute for other fats, such as olive oil and butter. Comprising monounsaturated fat (fatty acid energy source that lower levels of « bad » cholesterol and increases levels of « good » cholesterol), duck fat reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. However, this « good » fat should only be eaten occasionally. It also gives a delicious and fragrant touch to sautéed vegetables, French-browned potatoes, and grilled meats.

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