Brown sugar

Brown sugar

Brown sugar can be obtained from the sugar beet (a long cooking process gives it its golden color) or from sugar cane. Brown cane sugar is made from the first extraction of cane juice, which is then crystallized. This little refined brown sugar, which still contains molasses, offers aromatic notes of vanilla and caramel that add more flavor to pastries.

Brown sugar made from sugar beets is subjected to at least two cooking cycles, which turns it an ocher color. This stage gives the sugar a soft texture known as “vergeoise,” which is a kind of sugar commonly used in Belgium to make pastries, such as waffles, or Speculoos cookies. However, French supermarkets offer sugar with a “vergeoise flavor,” which is white sugar colored and flavored with caramel. A choice can be made between light and dark vergeoise sugar. Brown sugar can be found in crystals or in pieces. The words “pure cane,” “raw cane sugar,” or “100 percent cane sugar” indicate that the product is genuine brown cane sugar. Cane syrup is sometimes added to brown sugar to enhance the flavor and color.

Brown sugar gives more flavor to naked goods, such as tarts, cakes, and cookies, particularly apple pie. It flavors fruit jams and brioches. Combine with soy sauce, brown sugar is used to make sweet-and-sour sauce to accompany pork spareribs or chicken nuggets.

Brown sugar can keep for several months or years in stored in an airtight container protected from light and moisture.

Brown sugar contains few nutrients, but slightly more than white sugar.

Whole cane sugar, such as rapadura (a Brazilian term for raw sugar) is unrefined and uncrystallized sugar. It is made by simply evaporating sugar cane juice. Muscovado sugar is crystallized raw cane sugar. It has a flavor similar to licorice.

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