Cashew nut

Cashew nut

The cashew nut comes from the cashew tree, native to Brazil. The cashew nut grows in a green pod hanging from the end of a reddish-brown fruit, the cashew apple.

Cashew nuts are eaten dried and are found throughout the year. They are commonly sold roasted and often salted. They are easily found in the nut or snacks section of supermarkets.

Roasted and salted cashews can be served as appetizers. If chopped, they can also go to enlivening a salad, or meat or fish curries. They can add crunch to cakes and brownies.

Cashew nuts should be stored in an airtight container protected from light and heat.

Cashew nuts are very rich, and particularly high in unsaturated fat. This lowers cholesterol. However, like all nuts, they can produce allergic reactions. Be careful to avoid eating them in large quantities.

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