Coarsely ground pepper

Coarsely ground pepper

As its name states, this refers to peppercorns that have been coarsely ground. It can refer exclusively to black or white pepper, or to a mixture of the two. The purpose of this is to quickly bring out the aroma of the pepper. It is used in pepper sauces, as a crust on filet mignon, for example, or simply sprinkled over fish and vegetable dishes.

Coarsely ground pepper can be bought from gourmet grocery stores or wholesalers (500-g buckets vs. 45-g packages at retailers). It is very uncommon to find it in supermarkets. Given that grinding pepper at the last minute is recommended in order to preserve its flavor, you should buy black and white peppercorns and grind them yourself when you need it. White pepper is sweeter and much less hot than black pepper. You should keep this in mind when preparing coarsely ground pepper.

Use a mortar and pestle or the bottom of a saucepan to crush peppercorns. A pepper mill is also suitable for this task.

Coarsely ground pepper should be added when cooking is finished to prevent its flavor from being altered.

Béarnaise sauce and pepper sauce are two preparations that make use of coarsely ground pepper. It is used to season sauces, stocks and broths, and terrines. Coarsely ground pepper can also be used to make crumb crusts to coat beef cuts, such as steaks, and fish, such as salmon. Foie gras bonbons can also be coated in coarsely ground pepper.

Coarsely ground pepper can be kept for three to four months in a dry place away from light.

Coarsely ground pepper is high in nutrients, particularly phosphorous and magnesium.

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