Dry bread crumbs

Dry bread crumbs

Dry breadcrumbs is the name given to the fine or coarse powder obtained by grinding stale bread, crackers, or sandwich bread. It is often used to make crumb coating. When breadcrumbs come in the form of crunchy flakes, they are often referred to as « panko », or Japanese-style breadcrumbs.

Dry bread crumbs are typically packaged in boxes. They can also be found for sale in paper or plastic bags at artisan bakeries as a use for day-old bread.

Dry bread crumbs can easily be made at home by crushing pieces of dry bread or crackers with a rolling pin, blender, or even with a mortar and pestle. To make white bread crumbs, crush sandwich bread without its crust. If the crust is kept on, the crumbs will be golden.

To make a crispy crumb coating, the food should first be dredged in flour, then coated in eggs, before covering in bread crumbs. The food is then fried. This is how to make veal or chicken scallops (escalopes) or croquettes deliciously crunchy.

Dry breadc rumbs are used to coat meats and fish. Sprinkling bread crumbs over a gratin dish adds crunch. They can also be used to thicken sauces.

Dry bread crumbs should not come into contact with moisture. They should be stored in an airtight container in a cool and dry place.

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