Duck fat

Duck fat

Like goose fat, duck fat has proven to be a wonderful substitute for other fats, such as olive oil and butter. Comprising monounsaturated fat (fatty acid energy source that lower levels of « bad » cholesterol and increases levels of « good » cholesterol), duck fat reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. However, this « good » fat should only be eaten occasionally. It also gives a delicious and fragrant touch to sautéed vegetables, French-browned potatoes, and grilled meats.

Duck fat can be obtained from stores or directly from producers. It can be found in cans, jars, or vacuum packed. Choose duck fat with no additives or preservatives.

Duck fat can replace oil or butter in many preparations. You can brown potatoes and cook French fries or spring rolls in this fat, or add it to a soup to enhance its flavor. Besides duck meat, other meats can be made into confit with duck fat, particularly variety meats (offal), such as beef cheeks.

Duck fat preserved in cans or jars can be eaten after several years. After opening a jar, the fat can be stored for up to a month in the refrigerator.

Duck fat, by definition, is high in fat and calories. It contains no protein, carbohydrate, or dietary fiber. However, it is a source of vitamin E.

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