Kosher salt

Kosher salt

A natural condiment obtained by evaporation of sea water, sea salt comes in different forms: fleur de sel, fine salt, and coarse salt. Coarse sea salt is often darker than fine salt (the coarse sea salt produced on the Atlantic coast is gray), and has larger flakes because it is not refined or washed. Still smelling of the sea, it adds all of its flavor to the dishes it accompanies.

High-quality, locally produced French salts to look for are Guérande, Camargue, Île de Ré, and Nourmoitier salt.

Kosher (coarse) salt is suitable for preparing large fish or meat in a salt crust. It can also be used to salt cooking water. But there is no reason why kosher salt can’t be used at the table. It can be served in an attractive bowl to accompany a beef stew.

Store kosher salt inside a container made of glass or wood, and keep it away from light.

Salt has no nutritional value. However, it thins the blood, regulates the body’s water content, and promotes digestion. Kosher salt contains trace elements and magnesium.

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