Lumpfish roe

Lumpfish roe

Lumpfish roe are fish roe with a briny flavor. Whereas caviar comes from sturgeon, these roe come from a small fish caught in the North Atlantic Ocean and the Baltic Sea, the lumpfish. The roe are naturally gray, and are often colored red or black to make them more appealing. The main producers of this caviar substitute are Denmark, Iceland, and Canada.

Mostly sold in jars, lumpfish roe can be found in the fish section of supermarkets. They can also be found at gourmet grocery stores. Unlike caviar, lumpfish roe is quite affordable. While its flavor is exactly the same, lumpfish roe can be found in red and black due to added coloring.

Lumpfish roe is prepared by brining; in other words, they are left for several weeks immersed in a bath of salted water. They are colored before being packaged into small jars.

Lumpfish roe can be eaten as a snack, served on toast, or in a verrine with lemon cream or avocado puree, for example. It is an excellent accompaniment for scrambled eggs.

Lumpfish roe should be stored in the refrigerator in its original jar. Once open, lumpfish roe should be eaten in the next few days.

While it is less flavorful or delicate than caviar, lumpfish roe is also lower in fat and calories.

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