San Daniele ham

San Daniele ham

San Daniele ham – prosciutto San Daniele – is a cured Italian ham protected by its PDO status. It is made from pigs raised in specific Italian regions, determined by the PDO specifications. This ham is mandatorily aged in San Daniele, in the Friuli region, for 12–24 months before being branded with the logo (the stylized initials « SD » on a whole leg).

In supermarkets or large retail establishments, San Daniele ham (prosciutto) is usually presented in trays featuring the mark of its Protected Designation of Origin status. The ham has more flavor if sliced to order.

Like all cured, unsmoked hams, San Daniele ham should not be cooked. Heat alters its texture, bringing out its saltiness. Place it on warm plates before serving.

San Daniele ham makes a delicious appetizer on a tray of cold cuts (cooked meats) and goes well with raclette or cheese fondue. It can be used to make tasty Italian salads with arugula (rocket), mozzarella, and dried tomatoes.

If bought in a tray, San Daniele ham should be kept in the refrigerator and used before its expiration date. Once the tray is open, the slices should be eaten within in 48 hours, the same for ham that has been sliced to order. Wrap them carefully because the cold causes the ham to harden.

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