Sandwich bread

Sandwich bread

Hot ham and cheese sandwiches and club sandwiches would be nothing without these slices of bread for which they are famous. This bread without a crunchy crust and with a white crumb is a leavened bread that may be slightly sweet or not. Its softness and quite neutral flavor make it suitable for different times of the day and for different sweet and savory sandwiches.

Bakeries sell whole loaves of artisan sandwich bread made in the traditional way. The sandwich bread sold in supermarkets comes sliced. Unlike traditional bread that contains buttermilk, industrial sandwich bread replaces this with vegetable oils, such as canola (rapeseed), and wheat dextrose. It is then enriched with gluten from wheat and preservatives.

Toasted sandwich bread is an ideal base for making hot or cold sandwiches. The ham and Emmental cheese of the classic croque-monsieur can be replaced with bacon, chicken, beef, goat cheese, or mozzarella. The North American grilled cheese sandwich made from with American cheese (a type of cheddar cheese) is very popular. Sandwich bread cut into dice can also be used as croutons for salads.

Artisan sandwich bread will keep for two to three days in a dry place wrapped in a cloth. Sliced or unsliced, this bread is easy to freeze.

White sandwich bread contains as many calories as a baguette, but more than whole-wheat (wholemeal) bread. It has twice the fat of whole-wheat bread.

Whole-wheat sandwich bread can now be found at artisan bakeries and supermarkets. However, certain industrial loaves use white flour enriched with bran instead of genuine whole-wheat or whole-grain flour. For whole-wheat sandwich bread, look for organic varieties, whether industrial or artisan, whose ingredients state that they contain whole-wheat (French Type110) flour. Another variety is multigrain sandwich bread. Both traditional and industrial bakeries most often use a mixture of wheat, rice, spelt, and rye flours, among others, often with the addition of sunflower seeds or flaxseeds (linseeds). Finally, brioche sandwich bread, a hybrid between sandwich bread and brioche, contains eggs and more milk. This bread is mainly destined for breakfast and afternoon snacks.

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