Savory is a herb used as an ingredient for the Herbes de Provence mixture. This herb, known in French as herbe du diable (devil's herb) during the Middle Ages because of its aphrodisiac properties, has a peppery flavor. It was used in place of pepper, hence the French names « poivrette » (little pepper) and « poivre d'âne » (donkey pepper) used in different regions. Its slender green leaves have digestive and stimulant properties, and they are used either fresh or dried in a multitude of preparations.

Fresh savory can be bought from markets. In this case, choose a bunch with very green leaves without signs of yellowing. Dried savory that has been ground and packed in jars can also be bought from traditional or organic food stores.

Savory can be added at the start of cooking.

Savory is typically used with vegetables, such as green beans and fava (broad) beans, and with goat cheese. It is also used to flavor chicken and fish dishes. It goes wonderfully with potatoes and root vegetables.

Savory will keep for up to two weeks in the refrigerator wrapped in a damp cloth. To freeze, it is advisable to chop it and put it into ice cube trays covered with a little water.

Savory has a high content in iron and calcium.

Annual summer savory and perennial winter savory.

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