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“A new take on a classic, designed for a truly gourmet experience: nice and crisp on the outside with a runny, warm center. In this way, the soufflé is great from the first to the very last mouthful. I serve it with a Madagascar vanilla ice cream—my favorite—giving it a little roundness and balancing the intensity of the chocolate.”


For this croque monsieur, smoked salmon is used instead of ham, and it is seasoned with lemon zest and chives. The cheese is Gruyère and the bread is buttered and grilled in a pan, though it could be pressed in a traditional croque monsieur mold and held over the flame the way my grandmother did.

My cuisine is inspired by my family and friends. By letting me take part in her dessert cravings, my wife, Isabelle, was the inspiration for this dish. I wanted to meet the challenge by creating an out-of-the-ordinary, hot, runny chocolate dessert. The combination of the soft chocolate center and caramelized mango is a treat.

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