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"My maternal grandfather and I often went on hikes, skiing, or scavenging for wild herbs and fruits. Over time, I realized how rich my region was. I’ve always eaten Mézenc, even before it got the DOP recognition in 2006. Just like I like to bring out the best in my local producers, I love to bring out the best in the products of my region."

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With a few little tips, this recipe is really very easy. It can be accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream or some whipped cream.


Guy Savoy’s poire Belle-Hélène is super rich, with homemade chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. This is the perfect ending to any meal!


Coleslaw is a staple of summer picnics. Crisp and refreshing, it’s the perfect accompaniment for barbecues and as a sandwich topping. Its name comes from the Dutch koolsla, a shortened version of koolsalade which means cabbage salad. When Dutch colonists came to America, at the beginning of the 18th century, they planted cabbages all along the Hudson River and used it to make this salad, amongst other dishes.


This recipe is a play on a classic French combination of Comté and vin jaune. I love the tang of Keen’s cheddar in this sauce, which goes wonderfully with the smoked egg and light crispiness of the salsify.


This gourmet twist on classic mac and cheese is sure to impress your guests thanks to the addition of a noble ingredient – black truffle. This recipe is simple and quick to make but will surprise your guests thanks to its originality.


These croquettes are soft and slightly crispy with a runny center. You'll have to eat them whole, crushing them between the tongue and the palate, to experience the unbelievable sensation of a taste explosion. Simply irresistible.

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