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Airy honeyed cream, strawberry syrup


Cooking is a long, ongoing apprenticeship. I was not born a Mediterranean; however, I’ve become one. My introduction to Provençal cuisine began with Roger Vergé at the Moulin de Mougins in 1977. Three years later I continued to learn and appreciate it at l’Amandier. Finally, I found myself at the Hotel Juana’s restaurant, La Terrasse, in Juan-les-Pins. It was there that I first served these large roasted langoustines.


Cooking demands respect for the ingredients. It took a certain amount of modest courage to serve this recipe at the Louis XV in 1987. Many found the dish too lowly; others found it almost provocative. To me, anything that brings out the wonders of the produce helps create beautiful cuisine; anything that distorts produce abases it. A chef must display humility before fine produce. With the focus on vegetables, this dish appeals to our current desire for health and fitness.


If you want to avoid throwing away stale bread, why not make French toast? This extremely simple recipe made with basic ingredients promises to be a gourmet treat for the whole family.

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