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Cooking is about unexpected encounters. During my training years I was fortunate to have many, including those with Michel Guérard, Roger Vergé, Gaston Lenôtre, and, above all, Alain Chapel. Later I met Paul Bocuse and other famous names, as well as unknowns throughout France and elsewhere. My chance meeting with Franck Cerutti, a passionate Mediterranean chef, was one of the most valuable. Franck had just returned from Florence, overflowing with the flavors of Italy, when he became my second in command at the Louis XV. The development of this risotto is largely his work.

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With a few little tips, this recipe is really very easy. It can be accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream or some whipped cream.


Guy Savoy’s poire Belle-Hélène is super rich, with homemade chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. This is the perfect ending to any meal!


Coleslaw is a staple of summer picnics. Crisp and refreshing, it’s the perfect accompaniment for barbecues and as a sandwich topping. Its name comes from the Dutch koolsla, a shortened version of koolsalade which means cabbage salad. When Dutch colonists came to America, at the beginning of the 18th century, they planted cabbages all along the Hudson River and used it to make this salad, amongst other dishes.

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