Stuffed Chicken with Truffle Consommé

Credit: Didier Loire
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Step 1: Bresse Hen

Singe and draw the hens, cutting removing the tips of the pinions. Leave the middle claw on the feet, and plunge into boiling water to remove the skin more easily. Set aside the livers and hearts for the stuffing. Season the insides of the hens with coarse salt.

Combine all of the stuffing ingredients (the butter, chicken hearts and livers, seared chicken meat, foie gras, porcini mushrooms, shallot, reduced chicken consommé, soaked bread, cream, egg yolks, chervil, parsley, and truffle) while still cold. Season with salt and freshly ground pepper.

Stuff the hens and truss, making sure that they are airtight.

Boil the chicken consommé in a pot. Add the truffle juice and the liqueurs, then poach the hens, simmering for an hour.

When cooked, reduce 1 quart (1 liter) of the cooking consommé in a saucepan to enhance the flavor. Thicken with the truffle puree, then emulsify with a hand blender.

Step 2: Vegetables

Peel, clean, and wash all of the vegetables. Keep the celery hearts and split them down the middle.

Cook the vegetables in the chicken consommé over a low heat, removing each vegetable as it reaches its proper doneness.

Pour off 5 fluid ounces (15 cl) of the consommé in which the vegetables were cooked, add the Barolo vinegar, and thicken with butter and a dash of olive oil in a saucepan over a low heat.

This recipe was originally published in "Culinary Encyclopedia by Alain Ducasse" (Éditions Alain Ducasse). See all credits

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