Potato 'Nicola'

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Credit: Jean-Pierre Gabriel
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Ingredients (4 people)


Step 1: Potato roll with truffle puree - For the puree

Rinse and cook three potatoes in their skins in salted water. Drain when the potatoes are fully cooked. Peel the potatoes, pass them twice through a drum sieve and put back on the stove, add the butter little by little. Whisk the puree until smooth. Alternatively, you can add a little splash of milk. Season with the thinly chopped black truffle, black pepper and salt.

Potato roll with truffle puree - For the potato roll

Peel a large Nicola potato and slice thinly with a Japanese slicer. Vacuum pack the slices with one tablespoon of brown butter per bag, black pepper and salt. Cook in a water bath of 85°C for about 8 minutes. Chill quickly. Just before serving, put the bags in hot water for just a moment so that the butter can melt. Remove the slices from the bag, stuff them with warm truffle puree and roll thightly.

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