Veal Kidneys with Wild Mushrooms, Salsify, and Pommes Soufflées

Credit: Didier Loire
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Step 1: Kidney

Remove the kidneys from their fat, and remove the central nerve. Roll the fat out thinly between two sheets of parchment paper, then roll the kidneys in the fat and close tightly.

Spread out the caul, sprinkle with fresh thyme and coarsely ground black pepper, and roll the kidneys in it, trussing like a roast.

Sear the kidneys, then bake in a 355°F (180°C) oven for about 50 minutes. Insert a thermometer into the kidney; the internal temperature should be 129°F (54°C) so that the kidney will be medium rare.

Dice the kidney trimmings into small cubes. Sweat, add the minced shallot, and sweat without browning. At this point add the veal jus, infuse for 30 minutes, and filter.

This recipe was originally published in "Culinary Encyclopedia by Alain Ducasse" (Éditions Alain Ducasse). See all credits

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