Prime Rib with Celery Root and Chestnuts in a Braised Oxtail Sauce

Credit: Didier Loire


Step 1: Prime Rib

Trim any excess fat from the prime rib, and remove any large nerves. Reserve the trimmings for later.

Season one side of each roast with salt. Begin cooking, salt-side down, in some grapeseed oil in a sauté pan. Carefully sear the meat, but do not overcook it. When the salted side is nicely seared, season the other side and sear it. Add butter and the trimmings, and cook over a low heat, basting continuously. Finish cooking on the fatty side.

Once the meat is cooked (preferably rare), transfer it from the sauté pan to a rack placed over a plate. Cover with aluminum foil and keep warm.

Step 2: Braising Jus

Remove the fat and nerves from the oxtail, and slice it into pieces.

Heat some grapeseed oil in a pot, and sear the meat. Transfer to the oven and roast for 2 hours at 320°F (160°C).

Add the vegetables, diced into a mirepoix, and the crushed, unpeeled garlic cloves to the pot. Sweat lightly, skim off some of the fat, and cover with flambéed red wine. Reduce by half.

Pour in the skimmed beef jus, bring to a boil, skim off any impurities, and add the peppercorns and the bouquet garni.

Continue cooking at 250°F (120°C) for 4 hours, turning the meat occasionally.

Strain the liquid carefully so as to not to skim the fat.

Step 3: Vegetables

Cut the celery into slices, 1/3 inch (1 cm) thick, and then cut into triangles, 1 1/2 inches (3 cm) on each side.

Steam with 1 ounce (25 g) butter in a covered sauté pan. When just about cooked, brown slightly.

Cut off the roots of the shallots, leaving them in their skins. Pour some coarse salt into a pot, place the shallots on top, and stew at 250°F (120°C) for 2 hours. The shallots should be nice and tender, yet not fall apart.

Scrape the ends of the mushrooms to remove any dirt, wash quickly under running water, and drain in a cool place. Finely mince. Stalk, wash and chop the parsley.

Brown the chestnuts in frothy butter along with the country bacon trimmings and dried fennel. Deglaze with a drizzle of chicken consommé, then finish off by glazing with chicken stock.

Step 4: Finishing and Plating

Cook the chanterelle mushrooms in a copper sauté pan in 3/4 ounce (20 g) of butter, then add the celery root, mushrooms, and chestnuts to the pan.

Arrange the vegetables in an Escoffier dish, the beef on a platter, and the jus in a sauceboat.

Carve the meat in front of the guests. Serve it on individual plates with the vegetables, and coat with the jus. Serve immediately.

This recipe was originally published in "Culinary Encyclopedia by Alain Ducasse" (Éditions Alain Ducasse). See all credits