Red mullet, new potatoes, zucchini ribbons and blossoms, tapenade

Credit: Valéry Guedes

Cooking is a sensory pleasure. The five senses are unfailing guides for any chef and the best indicators of pleasure for gastronomes. Take a look at the pale pink of a red mullet fresh from the sea and admire its rainbow-colored dorsal fin—black, yellowy-orange, and white. And note how the purplish black of the tapenade highlights the bright green of the zucchini ribbons. When aromas waft up to our nostrils, our taste buds quiver in anticipation.

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Step 1: Prepare and cook the red mullets

Dress the red mullets. Cut off each head with a knife. Make an incision in the belly of the fish, from tail to top. Lift the fillets: Slide the knife between both sides of the rib cage and each fillet, making sure not to detach them.

You can make this recipe using red mullets filleted by your fishmonger.

Using scissors, cut the backbone at the base of the tail and remove it with the rib cage. Scatter a few marjoram leaves over the fillets, reserving several for later user, and season with salt and pepper.

This recipe was originally published in "My Best Alain Ducasse" (Éditions Alain Ducasse). See all credits

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