Roasted Young Partridge with Grapes and Chestnut Croutons

Credit: Didier Loire
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Step 1: Partridge

Pluck, sear, and clean the partridges completely, removing their wishbones. Cut the nails from the feet, and remove the outer skins by plunging in boiling water. Chop the livers and hearts, and refrigerate.

Cut croutons from the bread, beginning with the crust. Cut the country bacon into 1/2 inch (1 cm) pieces, and set the trimmings aside. Seed the grapes.

Put 2 ounces (60 g) of butter in a cast iron pot, and brown the partridges and the bacon on all sides. Cover and fry over a low heat with the unpeeled garlic cloves. As the dish cooks, add the croutons and the grapes.

When the partridges are pink on the inside, remove from the heat, and remove the meat.

Break the bones, brown in the pot, and add enough light stock to cover the meat halfway. Deglaze the caramelized cooking juices, add the rest of the light stock, and cook over a low heat. Bind with the chopped livers and hearts, then crush the bones and sieve through a fine-meshed chinois, pressing down on the solids.

Shell, blanch, and peel the chestnuts. In a hot sauté pan, brown with the bacon trimmings, and add the rest of the butter and dried fennel. Cover and simmer. When they are cooked and very tender, glaze with the chicken jus.

This recipe was originally published in "Culinary Encyclopedia by Alain Ducasse" (Éditions Alain Ducasse). See all credits

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