Spit-Cooked Wild Brill with Ramps, Littleneck Clams and New Potatoes

Credit: Didier Loire
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Step 1: Brill

Trim the brill, clean it and remove the whiskers. Slice it in two, cutting along the backbone, and remove the skin and the grayish parts on the outer side of the meat. Cut into 9 ounce (250 g) sections.

Sear the sections in a cast iron skillet with some olive oil. Add the unsalted butter, a clove of garlic and the dry fennel, and cook until browned.

Season with fleur de sel, the ramps and a touch of olive oil for shine.

Truss the fish like a roast, place it in a rotisserie cooking pan and roast. The final temperature should not exceed 122°F (50°C) in the center.

Step 2: Littleneck Clams

Place the littleneck clams in a dark place, and soak in salted water so that they will eliminate the sand contained in the shells. Rinse under running water.

In a large saucepan, sweat the shallot and the minced fennel in butter.

Add the crushed garlic cloves and the bouquet garni. Drain and add the littleneck clams, deglazing them with white wine.

Cover and cook until the littleneck clams open. Drain on a rack, reserving the cooked juices for later use, and cool quickly.

Let the juice sit so that any impurities or sand settles on the bottom, and strain through cheesecloth carefully, so as not to disturb any settled particles.

Shell the littleneck clams, remove the sand sac, and keep on ice in a stainless steel container.

This recipe was originally published in "Culinary Encyclopedia by Alain Ducasse" (Éditions Alain Ducasse). See all credits

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