Wild Partridge with Walnuts and Salsify in a Muscadine Grape Sauce

Credit: Didier Loire
Ingredients (4 people)

Muscadine Grape Sauce


Step 1: Partridges

Pluck the partridges completely, sear, draw, and remove their wishbones. Cut the nails from the feet, and remove the outer skins by plunging in boiling water.

Season the partridges, place the grape leaves on the breast, and cover with the pork barding. Truss the partridges, baste in olive oil and cook on the spit for around 13 minutes.

When the partridges have cooked, remove the meat.

Break the bones, and brown them in olive oil and butter. When colored, deglaze with cognac and reduce, then moisten the sauce with the light chicken stock and simmer for around 10 minutes.

Add the ground partridge giblets and the stuffing, prepared below, and let cook. Strain through a chinois, check the seasoning and add a dab of butter.

Step 2: Vegetables

Wash the salsify with a brush to remove any dirt, and peel, making sure to keep them round. Cut into 4 3/4 inch (12 cm) long pieces, simmer in frothy butter, and moisten with light chicken stock. When cooked, drain and set aside.

Wash the grapes and pat dry. Place on a non-stick sheet pan, and dry in the oven for about 1 1/2 hours until they are half dried. Delicately seed with the tip of a paring knife to avoid splitting.

Sauté the chanterelle mushrooms in olive oil and drain.

Step 3: Muscadine Grape Sauce

Crush the grapes, reserve the insides and the juice, and reduce with a shaving of ginger and a dash of Barolo vinegar until syrupy.

Step 4: Finishing and Plating

Caramelize the salsify in a sauté pan in some brown butter. Once the desired color has been reached, remove the excess fat from the sauté pan, deglaze with the Muscat grape juice, and add the grapes, chanterelle mushrooms and walnuts. Caramelize all of the ingredients.

Place this mixture in the serving plates, and present the reconstituted partridges on top. Pour a ribbon of sauce around the dish, and serve immediately.

This recipe was originally published in "Culinary Encyclopedia by Alain Ducasse" (Éditions Alain Ducasse). See all credits

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