Baking mold

Baking mold

Baking molds are essential things to have. There are dozens of varieties. It is useful to have a number of basic molds, such as a springform pan, a tart pan, and a cake pan. Baking molds are easy to find at large retail establishments in the kitchenware section. The price varies according to size and material. Baking molds can come in aluminum, nonstick materials, glass, ceramic, silicone, etc. The choice of material depends on preference, but molds with a nonstick coating are particularly practical.

A great many recipes require the use of a mold of some kind. This is the case for most cakes and tarts, but also ravioli, waffles, madeleines, and muffins.

Before buying a silicone mold, it is important to check the temperature that it can withstand. Certain silicone molds aren’t designed for use at temperatures above 200°C.

Using any mold is simple. Simply introduce the ingredients, then bake. If the mold doesn’t have a nonstick coating, it should be greased with oil or butter before use. This will prevent the preparation from sticking and makes unmolding easy. Choose the type of mold that best suits the dish. Also take into account the quantity to be made when choosing the right size of baking mold. These two points are important for successful baking and a satisfactory outcome.
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