Casserole dish

Casserole dish

Cast iron; round or oval; utensil; of varying capacities, used for braising and/or stewing preparations. Some are equipped with a hollow, edged cover into which water is poured to increase the condensation of steam within.

The true Dutch oven must be heavy because it is made from cast iron. But it is precisely this material that gives it is quality, because the porosity of the container confers an incomparable flavor to its contents. Cast iron spreads the heat out evenly, which ensures successful cooking.

The cast iron pan lends itself well to many uses. It is mainly used for braised and stewed dishes, mainly with sauces. It can withstand different types of cooking: on a gas or electric stove, or in the oven.

A cast iron pan is ideal for slow-cooked dishes: pot-au-feu, poultry dishes in sauce, braised vegetables, soups, and even risottos.

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