A cherry pitter (stoner) resembles a pair of pliers with a small plunger on one end and a circular holder on the other. This utensil is mostly made from stainless steel. It can be found at large retail establishments, in the kitchenware section, but also more reliably, in stores specializing in cooking equipment. A cherry pitter will cost around 10–15 euros. Some garlic presses also perform this action.

A cherry pitter is a very practical utensil to have if you plan to make a cherry or mirabelle plum tart, and for dishes with olives, such as a tagine.

A cherry pitter is simple to use. Place the item to be pitted (cherry, olive, plum) on the small holder, then press. The small plunger will be thrust into the center of the fruit and push the pit or stone out. The result will be a pitted fruit that is still whole and much more presentable.