Fish scaler

Fish scaler

Instrument with a handle and vertically toothed blades for removing fish scales. Japanese-made fish scalers are particularly well-made, as the head is fitted with a cover to avoid the projection of scales.

There’s a wide variety of fish scalers available, but mainly they consist of a handle, at the end of which there is a kind of spatula with small, round teeth. Fish scalers are mostly made from stainless steel. These can be found in large retail establishments and in specialty stores selling cooking equipment. A basic model will cost around 10 euros.

A fish scaler is a good utensil to have when preparing a whole fish. For certain baked or barbecued fish dishes, there’s no point removing the scales. These stop the fish from drying out. However, when cooking fish in a sauce, it is recommendable to remove the scales beforehand so that there won’t be any in the sauce when the dish is eaten.

As their name stated, fish scalers are mainly used to remove scales from fish. However, they can also be used to cut thin slices of cheese, like using a vegetable peeler. To make a fish scaler yourself, you only need to screw two or three beer caps into a length of wood about 10 cm long. The serrated edges of the beer caps will lift off the scales.

A fish scaler is simple to use. You only need to scrape the skin of the fish with it. The scales are removed quickly and effortlessly.
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