Funnels are found at all large retail establishments, in either the kitchenware or hardware sections. They can also be found at hardware stores. This utensil isn’t only for use in the kitchen and has broad use. Funnels come in plastic and metal. They are very cheap, only costing a few euros. Metal funnels are generally a little more expensive that plastic ones, but the choice of material isn’t the deciding factor. At any rate, you shouldn’t choose a glass funnel, because it would be too fragile for use in the kitchen. This type of funnel is more for use in scientific experiments in a laboratory. There are also preserves or jam funnels and piston funnels.

While a funnel lets you pour a liquid cleanly and efficiently into a container with a small or narrow opening, it can also be used with powdered ingredients, such as flour, sugar, salt, and ground spices.

Just insert the funnel pipe or tube into the mouth of the container into which you will be introducing the liquid or dry ingredients, and pour.
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