Utensil composed of a surface of toothed holes of different shapes and sizes. Products; such as cheese; vegetables; citrus zest and nutmeg, are rubbed against the teeth to create coarse or fine threads or powder. Microplane graters are the most effective as their micro-blades are razor sharp.

A grater can have larger or smaller slots depending on the ingredients to be grated or shredded and the use to be made of it. There are graters with wide slits that let you make shavings or fine slices of chocolate, Parmesan, etc. There are also graters with sharp blades and small slots that let you gently grate spices, such as nutmeg. Certain graters have a single grating surface with large or small slots, while other models have 4 surfaces with each side having a different slot size. All of the surfaces are in stainless steel.

Zest removed by grating can flavor cakes and fruit salads in the same way as spices. Thin shavings of chocolate or Parmesan can be used to decorate desserts or pasta dishes, respectively.

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