Meat tenderizer

Meat tenderizer

For chicken breast or turkey scallops (escalopes), choose a mallet (stainless steel or wood) or a circular tenderizer. Tenderizing is a process that breaks the fibers in meat to soften. For medium pieces of beef, choose a tenderizer with circular serrated blades. For very large or the largest pieces, such as different kinds of steaks, choose a tenderizer with about forty steel blades, because these are guaranteed to break down the fibers.

For the different types of tenderizers, it is simply enough to pound the meat laid out on a cutting board or over the work surface. Make sure to start from the middle.

You can’t go past Milan-style scaloppine or schnitzel, the Viennese variant made with pork or veal. There are also different barbecue recipes that work wonders with the best broiling or grilling cuts of beef.

Lay the pieces of meat you want to tenderize between two sheets of parchment (baking) paper for a perfectly even job.


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