Pasta machine

Pasta machine

A pasta machine (or pasta roller attachment for a stand mixer) consists of two rollers that flatten dough, and a system of blades that cut the pasta into strips (tagliatelle or spaghetti). The pasta machine is operated by a crank on the side. The thickness of the dough and the size of the pasta strips can be regulated. It is hard to find this type of machine in large retail establishments. You should look for it in a specialty cooking equipment retailer or on the Internet. A basic model will cost around 50 euros.

A pasta machine can be used to make pasta made from wheat flour but also made from rice flour (ground rice).

Dust the dough ball well before passing it through the two rollers to flatten. Without this step, the dough can become stuck and tear.

Choose the largest thickness, then take the dough to be flattened. Place the dough at the entrance to the rollers and work the crank. Repeat the operation, reducing the thickness each time. The secret to success is to take it step by step, a little at a time.
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