Duel-bladed implement for cutting. There are several models suitable for different tasks, with smooth or serrated blades. Japanese scissors enable precision cutting while ceramic blades are used for fresh herbs to prevent oxidation.

  • A set of poultry shears are a scissorlike utensil shaped with serrated and slightly curved blades that are used to cut up chickens. These scissors resemble the pruning shears used in gardening.

  • A set of fish scissors differs from conventional scissors by the notch. These scissors are used to trim fish, i.e., to cut off the tail and fins from a raw fish.

  • A set of sugar shears are a scissorlike utensil with serrated blades that easily cut through sugar sheets and all kinds of candies. Shears of this type are commonly used in pastry making, particularly for making sugar decorations.

These three kinds of scissors are special, and unless you are an experienced pastry chef or a great lover of chicken, are used only occasionally. In general, simple kitchen scissors can be used.


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