An infrared thermometer doesn’t have much use, because it only takes the surface temperature, which isn’t nearly as important as the core or internal temperature. It is essential to keep in mind a thermometer’s precision. Does it provide the temperature to the nearest tenth of a degree? What is the lowest or highest temperature it reads? The most recommendable type is the probe thermometer for precision. It’s precise, and its heat-resistant probe lets you check the temperature of food in the oven.

A thermometer is ideal for controlling the cooking of foie gras and for making perfectly cooked roasts. It’s essential for making pastries and cakes.

The tip of the thermometer is introduced into the preparation to check the temperature. It is inserted into the core of the meat; in other words, into the middle of the cut. Certain models are programmable: You enter the type of meat, its weight, and the desired level of cooking. The meat goes into the oven, and the thermometer sounds when the meat is cooked.
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