Stainless steel needle; measuring 6-12 inches long; through the eye of which cord is threaded for trussing poultry; as the name suggests. It is different to the conical larding needle; which has a hollow tip for inserting small pieces of ham; belly fat; or truffle, etc, into meat.

Choose the size of the needle depending on the length of the chicken you are going to truss. Needles are typically 16–30 cm in length.

Trussing needles are used for preparing chicken, but serve equally for game birds, such as partridge. Trussing is a preliminary step in preparing a bird for cooking, particularly in a rotisserie. A trussed chicken holds its shape better when cooked and can be turned more easily. Before trussing, the chicken is dressed (i.e., plucked and cleaned), and may be stuffed.