The choice of whisk or handheld electric mixer (whisk) depends on the density of the food it is to be used with; but it also depends on the container. Mini whisks are adapted to narrow containers, for mixing cocktails, for example, or for use by children. Medium or large handheld electric mixers are suitable for large bowls and saucepans. In general, there are two types of whisklike utensils; classic wire whisks and handheld electric mixers. The former include, on the one hand, balloon whisks with relatively thick and flexible wire loops, which are ideal for beating egg whites and mixing preparations with a thick consistency, such as heavy creams; and on the other, sauce whisks, which are more elongates and have more rigid wire loops. Their design allows for the mixing of egg-base sauces without coagulation. The latter category refers to handheld electric mixers with variable speeds and as many as five speed settings. There are also many other kinds of whisks, with different uses and shapes, such as a bedspring coil whisk, flat whisk, and Miracle Whisk.

For beating egg whites, choose a large handheld electric mixer and whisk gently up and down before increasing your speed. If you’re using a handheld electric mixer, start off on low before increasing the speed.

A handheld electric mixer lets you make whipped cream, crepe batter, and chocolate mousse, in addition to all the sauce bases (white or dark roux) among savory preparations.

Put the beaters or whisk attachment and the bowl into the refrigerator to guarantee that the beaten egg whites hold their shape well.
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